Agashe was established in May 2018 to serve a wide variety of products that have authentic tastes and backgrounds.

Our flagship hot sauce is a peanut-based sauce. Not only in East Africa, where a lot of households use peanut in many recipes, but also all around the world peanut and peanut butter is consumed in many forms, shapes or size and anything that falls in between.

Agashe uses a modern spin on a traditional Sudanese recipe of hot peanut sauce. This sauce can be used on BBQ meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, tofu, salads, hot dogs, as a dip, poured on stir fry or simply for those who like a little bit of a hot kick to their taste buds with any food.

Agashe is committed to providing authentic sauces and products in a way that enhances our customers eating experience so that we can grow our consumer base as measured by our sales and build our reputation. Simply put:

Agashe will make every dining occasion Special